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Alexander’s Music Service was formed in 1990 with the purpose of specializing in weddings. Alexander serves Victoria, Duncan, Nanaimo and all points throughout Vancouver Island and travels to Vancouver on occasion. Alexander’s philosophy, as a Victoria wedding DJ, extends well beyond providing music. It’s providing an experience for the entire reception.

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“We highly recommend Alexander’s Music Service as your Wedding Entertainment Director®!
Candace & Christian - Married August 22 in Victoria, BC. ``They took care of everything from planning the reception entertainment to the behind the scenes details so we didn't have to stress. They made it all about us, and our guests had the time of their lives. Thank you Alex and Trudy! Our reception was amazing because we had you as our MC and wedding DJ.``

“will you marry me?”

It’s amazing how those four simple words can have such a huge impact on twoPhoto of children at a wedding with Alexander,  a Victoria Wedding DJ. people’s lives.  From that simple question, will come one of the most important celebrations you will have in your life…  Your wedding!

Will my guests have fun?

Will they dance?

Will everything go smoothly?

Now comes the fun part.  Figuring out how to create a celebration that will have your friends and family saying your wedding was the best wedding they have ever been to.

“I can help you.”

Alexander, W.E.D®

About  Alexander

I love music and I absolutely love to dance. It alwaysAlexander - A Victoria Wedding DJ fascinated me how the DJs were able to blend music seamlessly in the clubs, so I decided to buy a very basic audio mixer, added another cheap turntable and started practicing.

In the 1980s, a “friend of a friend” asked me to DJ their wedding. I borrowed some extra equipment and that night, I was hooked! The very next day, I went out, bought some professional sound equipment and became a DJ!

In 1990, I started Alexander’s Music Service and focused my specialty on weddings. Over the years, I’ve had many opportunities to network with and be mentored by some very skilled and talented DJs across North America.

In January 2009, I became the first Canadian Disc Jockey to successfully complete the rigorous, in-depth application process and be accepted in the Wedding Entertainer’s Guild® to become a certified Wedding Entertainment Director®

Why “Wedding Entertainment Director®”?

Over the years, as a DJ specializing in weddings, I’ve seen many things. Some great things, some things that made me scratch my head and some things that are better left in my memoirs…

It was the “things that made me scratch my head” that caused me to take a more proactive role in helping couples create an entertaining reception from the moment their guests arrive instead of focusing only on the dancing.

The keys to a great wedding reception…

A timeline that flows smoothly and transitions well from one formality to another.  A great Master of Ceremonies that is well spoken, entertaining and capable of running the “behind the scenes” details with the banquet staff.  A great DJ that will have your guests dancing and having a great time.

I Can Help You With All Of That!

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