Master of Ceremonies

Who will be your Master of Ceremonies?

Master of Ceremonies Victoria BC | Alexander

One of the many requirements to become a certified Wedding Entertainment Director® is to be a polished Master of Ceremonies.

Alexander has developed the necessary skills to be a fun, well spoken, entertaining Master of Ceremonies in Victoria and is often referred to as “Uncle Alex” by many of his clients.  Alexander has numerous ways to personalize and customize your reception.  So much so, that many of your guests and even some family members will think he’s a long lost uncle.

As your Master of Ceremonies, you will never have to worry about being embarrassed in front of your guests with inappropriate stories, language, or tasteless jokes.  Instead, you will receive numerous fun, unique ideas to choose from that will help personalize your reception and make all of your guests feel included in the celebration.

In addition, Alexander is a great storyteller and is best known to personalize all your wedding party introductions and tell your Love Story!

Personalized Introductions

Fun introductions of your wedding party members are another great way to entertain your guests as well as letting them know more about the people that are standing up beside you.

Based on the information you provide, as your Master of Ceremonies, Alexander will take that information and craft fun and entertaining introductions for each member of your wedding party.

Your Love Story

Having your Love Story told by your Master of Ceremonies, Alexander, can be a fun way for your guests to learn more about you and your partner.

How you met, your first impressions of each other, the first date, the proposal are part of the elements of your story.  Alexander will take those elements and craft them into an entertaining story incorporating a bit of humour and romance.

Custom First Dances

Perhaps you would like to choreograph a special first dance with multiple songs to surprise your guests.  Maybe you would like to surprise your partner, mother or father, by recording a special voice-over and have it edited into a song.

Alexander can help you record your voice-over and create a special remix that can be played for your First Dance, or Parent Dance.  Alexander can also help you to create your own Evolution of Dance mix.


“Alex was a very competent and capable MC and he worked well with our family-member MC’s who had never MC’d before. Alex coached them and helped them work out all the details so that it was a wonderful tag-team event. He was an engaging speaker, who was articulate and confident, yet subtle at the same time so as to fit in nicely to the whole event. He definitely was prepared and well-informed about us, our families and the reception events. He dealt with time changes gracefully and efficiently, allowing the evening to keep on track despite some changes in the plans.”

Jeanine & Benoit – Married in Victoria, BC.

“Alex was the Master of Ceremonies for our wedding, and we wouldn’t have had it any other way. He is professional and has a quality about him that makes everyone feel like they’ve known him for years. As I mentioned above, he made sure to know about our relationship with each other, and with our family and friends. Because of Alexander’s experience, I found this route to be a lot less stressful than trusting a non-experienced guest to do this job. Alexander knew what he was doing, is comfortable with speeches and makes sure to know everyone involved in your wedding.” author=”

Craig & Lara – Married in Victoria, BC.

“It has been mentioned to us numerous times by our guests that you were an amazing MC and really set the tone for the evening and made it a very memorable night. We’ve had a lot of people ask about you and recommend you to their friends as well. Also, the garter toss was hysterical!
I know that we expressed our praises to you on the wedding day, but honestly, having you MC our wedding was probably the single best decision of our wedding (other than marrying each other!) which is funny because we had no idea how much we needed you until we met in person!”

Sylvia & Sean – Married in Victoria, BC.