Top Wedding First Dance Songs

Over 80 Popular Wedding Songs

Trudy and I were very lucky when it came to deciding our first dance song.  Frankly, this isn’t a song either one of us would’ve picked to begin with but there was no question this would be our song.  Why you might ask?

I had planned an elaborate proposal on Trudy’s birthday at a hotel in Parksville and it happened to be the song playing at the time I proposed.  What made the song perfect for us was, it had “the M word” (marriage) which we constantly would say to poke fun at each other.  The song is Sam Cooke’s “You Send Me”.

While it was an easy choice for us, many couples don’t have that type of musical connection and struggle with choosing a song.  As a result, I’ve come up with a list of over 80 First Dance suggestions, older and newer, popular and some not-so-common songs to help you find the right song.

Have a listen: