Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a wedding dress cost?  As you can see, there is no cut and dried answer and that is why we recommend you to set up a consultation with us.  You will be asked a lot of questions and by the time we are done, you and I will both know everything about your reception and you will know everything about our service.

Yes, we do.  We play as many requests as we possibly can, as long as it is appropriate to the occassion and to your guidelines.  If you have a specific song you do not wish to have played, we will not play it… the Macarena comes to mind! 

We get asked this alot!   With the exception of themed events, our answer is; “Why pay someone to do the job and then do it yourself?”   We are skilled at reading crowds and adjusting the music selection to suite your guests taste.  Of course, if you have some selections you wish to have played, not a problem!.  We do request to have the flexiblity to cater to your guests in the event your selections do not work. 

If we do not have certain selections, we would be happy to play your music, especially if it’s your First Dance.  Due to the variety of ethnic events, we even encourage you to bring some of your own! 

No you don’t and yes it is.  This question surprises us.  Apparently some companies expect you to supply all of the equipment or charge extra to set up.  We provide everything we need to do the event and we do not charge a setup fee.

We like to set up our equipment early in the afternoon.  This gives us an opportunity to make sure everything is perfect before your guests arrive.

A question not enough people ask!   A typical setup requires an area 5 feet by 10 feet for our equipment and lighting.  We also need 1 electrical circuit, within 20 feet, to ourselves.  We can fit into a smaller area depending on where our speakers and lighting are placed.  If a larger system is needed, these requirements may change.

No, not unless we are requested to take a break. Sometimes this may occur if food is served later on in the evening.

We like to meet approximately 1 month before to do the initial Reception layout. We meet again 3 to 4 days before the event to discuss the final details and possible changes that may have occured since the previous meeting.  We meet as many times as it takes!

DISCLAIMER; The following has been excerpted from a letter from SOCAN.  We do not accept any responsibility for any changes in policy or information interpreted incorrectly.  Contact information will be provided at the end of this question if you need further clarification.

SOCAN stands for “Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada”.  SOCAN is authorized under the Copyright Act of Canada to license the public performance of music under a variety of tariffs designed to address the may different uses of that music.

One of these tariffs, Tariff 8, applies to music accompanying functions such as dances, wedding receptions, office, birthday, Christmas, anniversary parties, etc., Conventions, assemblies and fashion shows.  All of these events must have SOCAN’s Tariff 8 license.

  • SOCAN does not license DJ’s.
  • SOCAN licenses the facility, NOT THE DJ, for the functions held on its premises, and in most cases, the facility passes on the per event SOCAN fee to its clients as one of the costs of the function.
  • If a DJ or DJ company advises you that any license they hold make it unnecessary to for you to obtain a SOCAN license, they are putting you at risk of legal action for infringement of copyright.

Further information may be obtained from:

1201 W. Pender St. Suite 400
Vancouver, BC   V6E 2V2

1 (604) 669-5569
1 800 93 SOCAN

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