Reception Planning

The reception planning process starts with a Planning DVD that containlitman-bws all the necessary documents to help you get started.  Alexander is there to help you out and will meet with you before your wedding to go over all the details and help you create a smooth flowing timeline.

Some couples have friends or family that will be singing or playing an instrument.  Other couples may want to surprise their guests with Chinese Dragon dancers or some other form of surprise entertainment.

Alexander will assist you in figuring out what will happen throughout the entire reception from the beginning of the evening to the very end of the night.

He will help you to decide the Order of Events, create your timelines and offer a variety of ideas and suggestions to personalize your reception that suits your vision and expectations.

Whether it’s a casual, informal reception or an elegant, formal affair, Alexander will meet with you as many times as needed to help you create a timeline that will flow and create a stress-free environment so you may enjoy your time with your friends and family.

[cl-review quote=”Alexander had a lot of ideas for keeping guests entertained. He provided us with plenty of examples of activities and fun games. The great thing about Alexander is that he had enough different ideas that no matter how outgoing (or not at all outgoing) you are, he would have options that would keep you (and your bride or groom) comfortable, and happy while entertaining your guests.” author=”Darcy & Melissa – August 4th in Victoria, BC.” occupation=”” type=”quote” layout=”modern” bg_color=”#fff1bf” italic=”1″]

How It works

It starts with a phone call to find out if we have your date available and book an entertainment consultation…

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The consultation is a very important part to creating a memorable reception. Every couple has a vision of their special day…

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